Thursday, July 25, 2013


You know Ragecomics, Failblog, 9gag and 4chan which are all popular entertainment sites which host funny and sometimes philosophical pictures and short stories contributed by the sites' visitors. In our information-overladen times they make a nice difference: no long introductions, no complicated plots, no sign-in, no click orgies. A picture, a laugh, so simple.

One could take many of these stories and make short video clips out of them, but currently videos have a few issues: they are large, require a long time to download, they don't run easily on all platforms and require plugins. And most importantly: someone has to make them which is an entirely different magnitude of effort than drawing a simple comic strip.

Animasci is a site for animated stories created by anyone which use pictures composed out of letters and symbols available on the keyboard. You possibly use many of those already to express emotions in text, like :) or :P

An entire ecosystem of emoticons has evolved around expressing objects, scenes and emotions with a pictogram; Animasci is simply the next logical step to join a sequence of emoticons together into a movie.

From a technical standpoint animasci is compelling: it works in any browser, has very low hardware requirements and videos display instantly even on mobile phones as they are typically smaller than 1kb.